10.09.2013 15:00

AC ANGRY reveal cover artwork & tracklist of “Black Denim”!

AC ANGRY | Black DenimOn November 8th, we will release our debut album "Black Denim" worldwide through the German record label Dust On The Tracks Records. The album was produced by Phil Hillen (Powerwolf, Parachutes, The Vision Bleak, Vendetta …) at SU2 Studio. Iconic illustrator Jan Meininghaus (U.D.O., Bolt Thrower, Brainstorm …) is responsible for the perfectly fitting artwork. For more artworks from Jan Meininghaus visit


AC ANGRY are demonstrating with a total of ten songs how a dirty Rock ’n’ Roll album is supposed to sound! Catchy tunes like the pounding opener “Booze Horse“, the intriguing half-ballad “It‘s Good To Be Bad“ or the fat speed metal riffs-driven “Rock ’n’ Roller Roller Rolla!“ are evidence that singer and guitarist Alan Costa, his congenial lead guitarist Stefan Kuhn, as well as the tight rhythm section, consisting of bassist Dennis Kirsch and drummer Sascha Waack will truly stir up the international scene! Moreover we pay tribute to the Backyard Babies with the track “Rocker“. The “Black Denim“ tracklist is set up as follows:


1. Booze Horse
2. Rock ‘n‘ Roller Roller Rolla!
3. It‘s Good To Be Bad
4. You Got The Thirst – I Got The Booze
5. Black Denim
6. Like A Riot
7. Motor
8. Hellrock Anthem
9. Rocker
10. AC Angry


If you missed the AC ANGRY Heavy Rock 'n' Roll Express this summer on its shows with Michael Schenker, Saxon or Anvil, you may still catch up on our shows with Ohrenfeindt, when we will stop by your city carrying our brandnew album "Black Denim" with us.

07.08.2013 15:00

Worldwide record deal with Dust On The Tracks Records

Dust On The Tracks RecordsRight now the AC ANGRY Rock 'n‘ Roll Express is running at full speed across Germany. After our more than awesome European tour with Saxon we are now sharing the stage with Anvil and in October we will tour across Germany with Ohrenfeindt. We already played a few songs from our upcoming album "Black Denim“ on tour and now we are more than thrilled to announce that the album will be released in October by the German label Dust On The Tracks Records with distribution by Sony Music. Dust On The Tracks Records has also released the current records of Taberah, Famous Underground and Voodoo Highway.

AC ANGRY singer Alan Costa and label manager Bernd Ramien (Dust On The Tracks Records) on the co-operation …
Alan Costa: We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Dust On The Tracks Records for a worldwide release of our debut album "Black Denim"! We are thrilled to be part of the Dust On The Tracks Records family! We finally found a home where we can be sure that our music gets the exposure it deserves!
Bernd Ramien: We can only be grateful for the bunch of flowers that Alan has verbally presented to us. AC ANGRY’s debut album “Black Denim“ is straight in your face Rock ’n’ Roll, the band live is an absolute force and the management team is absolutely focussed, so we have a good basis to lead the band to success.

Our debut album “Black Denim“ was produced by Phil Hillen (Powerwolf, Parachutes, The Vision Bleak, Vendetta …) at SU2 Studio and consists of ten dirty Rock ’n’ Roll songs! With catchy tunes like the pounding opener “Booze Horse“, the intriguing half-ballad “It‘s Good To Be Bad“ or the fat speed metal riffs-driven “Rock ’n’ Roller Roller Rolla!“ we hope to stir up the international scene.

06.08.2013 17:57

Warning High Voltage!!! AC ANGRY at the HIGH VOLTAGE - Open Air am Port…

High Voltage Open Air am Port 2013After the German tour with Anvil, the AC ANGRY Heavy Rock ’n’ Roll Express will make a stopover at the High Voltage Open Air in Wilhelmshaven on August 31.

The festival is located near Jade-Weser-Port and we will share the stage with Ohrenfeindt, a great opportunity to set the mood for the shows later this year. Torfrock are the headliner and Stahlmann and Die Vorboten  are confirmed as well. b.o.s.c.h., Do Not Dream from Oldenburg and Still No Doubt from Wilhelmshaven are also on board. More infos at

18.07.2013 10:57

Next stop Anvil: The AC Angry Rock 'n‘ Roll Express keeps on rolling!

AC ANGRY + Anvil
After announcing, in early July, that AC ANGRY will support Ohrenfeindt for a few shows in autumn/winter, we are now pleased to tell you that AC ANGRY will join the canadian cult Metal band Anvil on their "Hope In Hell“ Tour for their shows throughout Germany.
The 2009 documentary "The Story of Anvil“ has made Anvil world-famous after sheer endless years of appearance with debilitating drudgery under lousy organisational conditions. Now, AC ANGRY will support the band on the 1st of August in Cologne at the Underground, on the 7th in Lichtenfels at the Paunchy Cats and on the 8th in Saarbrücken at the Garage. Get your tickets at the usual advance ticket offices or on the internet at

05.07.2013 09:13

New tour dates with OHRENFEINDT - Vollgasrock!!! aus St. Pauli!

After our sAC ANGRY + Ohrenfeindtuccessful European tour with Saxon we’re happy to announce further tour dates!
We will support St. Pauli Rockers OHRENFEINDT in October and December.

The AC ANGRY Heavy Rock 'n' Roll Express will stop at the following stations:
25.10.2013 D-Köln, Underground
26.10.2013 D-Bochum, Matrix
13.12.2013 D-Siegen, Club Vortex

Tickets can be purchased at your favorite ticket dealer like for example

More AC ANGRY shows will be announced shortly!

04.07.2013 15:02

Thank you Saxon, Crew and Fans!!!

AC Angry | SaxonWe want to thank Saxon + Crew for three amazingly awesome weeks on the road!!!
It was the coolest tour we did so far and we will never forget how well we were treated.
Not to mention all the great fun we had!


Looking forward to see you all very soon!

A very special THANK YOU goes also to all the nice people who showed up, chatted with us and bought something at our merchandise stand after the shows!

See you all soon on the road!


04.07.2013 15:00

AC ANGRY: Tour diary & video blog from our European tour 2013 with Saxon

AC Angry +  Saxon Osnabrück, Halle GartlageDuring our tour with Saxon we made three video blogs for you and we posted them and our tour diary on our Facebook page It is definitely worth to take a look, because you get some really cool inside views of our tour with Saxon.
The first one is a little snippet from the tour start with the shows in Copenhagen, Brno and Vienna. The second one is from the concerts in Ljubljana, Florence, Rome, Milan, Barcelona and Madrid. In the third one you see us hanging out at Hellfest in France and play the shows in Luzern and Solothurn in Switzerland and the concerts in Aschaffenburg, Memmingen and Osnabrück.
Take a look and see how Saxon and their crew messed with us at the very last show on the tour in Osnabrück. It's worth to take a look!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

03.07.2013 13:45

AC ANGRY confirmed for Pfeffelbach Open Air 2013 Rock Festival !


Pfeffelbach Open Air 2013


wir freuen uns bekannt geben zu dürfen, dass wir für das diesjährige Pfeffelbach Open Air Rock Festival am kommenden Samstag (06.07.2013, 16:15 Uhr) bestätigt sind!!!

29.05.2013 18:30

AC ANGRY supported by Wacken Foundation

Wacken FoundationGreat news, AC ANGRY is now supported by the Wacken Foundation! We are really looking forward to working with the Wacken team!
The Wacken Foundation is a non-profit foundation which dedicates itself to the support of hard rock and heavy metal music. More information can be found on

23.05.2013 20:30

Mini tour with MICHAEL SCHENKER:

Back from our mini tour with MICHAEL SCHENKER! The four shows were well-visited, including sold out shows in Winterbach and Mannheim! We had a blast and it was an honor to open up for MICHAEL SCHENKER. Michael Schenker, Herman Rarebell, Francis Buchholz, Doogie White and Wayne Findlay delivered every night with lots of classics from Scorpions, UFO and MSG. A very special THANK YOU to all who showed up, chatted, drank with us and bought something at the merch stand after the show. All in all, a very succesful warm-up for our upcoming European tour with SAXON next month!


AC Angry: Tour Report Dresden30.04.2013 D-Dresden, Tante JU: We leave early (definitely too early for Rock 'n' Roll) on Tuesday morning and head off to Dresden to start our mini tour with Michael Schenker. We pack as much equipment in the bus as possible, get a quick cup of coffee and off we go. After our seven hour drive through beautiful German landscapes and various service stations we enter Dresden and drive directly to the venue, the Club Tante JU. Michael Schenker and his fellow campaigners Herman Rarebell (ex-Scorpions), Francis Buchholz (ex-Scorpions), Doogie White (ex-Rainbow/Yngwie Malmsteen) and Wayne Findlay are already there, doing sound check. We can already hear the Marshall amps roaring through the venue. We say hello and go to the backstage area where we get ourselves some beers, before it is our turn to do sound check. After the sound check we head backstage again and have a chat with tonight’s opening band, "Lord Bishop". Nice guys and so we prepare ourselves for the show with some more beers. At eight o'clock Lord Bishop open tonight's concert and their deliver a good show. The singer fires up the audience, but not only by his imposing appearance. Then it is our turn. We enter the stage at 21:30 and the venue is well-filled by now. The audience is in a fantastic mood and so our 45 minutes set passes quickly. At 22:30 the headliner gets on stage and delivers a set consisting of classic Scorpions, UFO and MSG songs. We watch the show from our merch stand and are totally impressed. Guitar legend Michael Schenker seems to be in top-notch shape and so we are even more excited about the further tour dates. Back in the backstage area we bring the day to a close with more beer and delicious catering …


AC Angry: Tour Report Barby

03.05.2013 D-Barby, zum Rautenkranz: After a two days break, we’re back on Friday in Barby (Elbe), ready for new infamies. Upon arrival at the Gasthaus Rautenkranz, we set up our gear and do sound check. We have no dressing rooms, so we head back to the hotel and prepare for the show. Like real rock stars we let our driver drop us off just before show time and we go from the bus straight on stage. The mood at Rautenkranz is awesome and we gain a lot of positive reactions from the audience. Afterwards we chat and celebrate with the fans at the merch stand. We get infected by the great atmosphere and so we let the sparks fly until the taps are dry and Rautenkranz closes his doors. The show must go on so we find a gas station and get more booze and continue to celebrate at the hotel.


AC Angry: Tour Report Mannheim

04.05.2013 D-Winterbach, Lehenbachhalle Still hungover we drive in bright sunshine to Winterbach. After numerous stops at DIY-stores, because our drummer Sascha needs a carpet for his drum kit, we arrive late in Winterbach. As always we set up our gear and do the sound check. We’re on at 9 o’clock and the local promoter introduces us in front of a sold out venue. We smash our songs into the audience as always. The great mood of this evening ensures that tonight will be a real highlight. After the show we drive to near-by Stuttgart where we bring the day to yet another close.


AC Angry: Tour Report Mannheim

05.05.2013 D-Mannheim, Alte Seilerei Relaxing two hour drive to Mannheim. We arrive at 15:00 at the Alte Seilerei and go backstage to take it easy for a while. After sound check our management arrives, they want to see us live today. At the time we enter the stage the venue is filled with 800 people and thus it becomes clear that tonight will be totally awesome. And it was great…sweat, beer and Rock 'n' Rollin abundance. The show was a successful conclusion to this mini tour. Late in the night we drive back to Saarbrücken and we are already thrilled about the upcoming European tour with Heavy Metal legends Saxon in June.